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Be inspired every day with this flower quote featuring a gorgeous Cosmos flower. Add a spark of nature and color to your décor with this beautiful piece of art.

These floral cutters come include sizes:-




The perfect combination to craft delightful masterpieces that will be admired by all. With a sophisticated design, this set is the perfect tool for creating artistic projects with a touch of luxury.


To help ensure the longevity of our polymer clay cutters, we'd like to provide you with some usage and care guidelines:

  1. Avoid High Heat: Do not place the cutters near ovens or in environments where the temperature exceeds the melting point of PLA or PETG. This precaution prevents deformation of the plastic.

  2. Gentle Handling: Treat the cutters with care and avoid applying excessive force or pressure during use. This helps maintain their shape and prolongs their lifespan.

  3. Regular Cleaning: Clean the cutters after each use to remove any residue or clay buildup. This not only keeps them in good condition but also ensures accurate cutting.

  4. Storage: Store the cutters in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

  5. Avoid Solvents: Refrain from using solvents or harsh chemicals on the cutters, as these may damage the plastic

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