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WY STUD Polymer Clay Cutters Set | Assorted Shapes | Mini / MicroCutter | Leaves Shapes | STUD #10

RM 8.00

The cutters are used to work with polymer clay. 

Totally there are assorted cutters available in mini form or stud form as:- 

Cutter Pattern: 

STUD#10 A 

STUD#10 B 

STUD#10 C 

STUD#10 D 





Will recommended to use a thinner clay slab compare to the usual, so that the slab is will work well for better cutting experience. 

Micro cut outs are approximately 7 mm (0.24 in) at the longest. Please note that this may differ slightly as all shapes are different, and this is an estimate. 

Care Tips: 

The wall is adjusted to be thinner than usual in order to cut clean on thin slab, please handle with care.  

Do not expose the cutter to high heat or near oven or in the sun for prolonged periods to prevent deform. Clean cutter with with soapy water or wet wipe after use.