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WY FLO Series Polymer Clay Cutter | FLO#12 | EC#4

RM 21.00

Would like to introduce collaboration series with THE EC STUDIO.

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” – Gerard De Nerval

This round, our main floral will be Orchid, Pansy, Wild flower

Orchid which is one of our favourite asian floral. It symbolise Fertility, elegances, luxury,
Pansy/Pensee, from middle french “thought”, as the plant resembles someone with bowed, contemplative head. It also symbolise adoration, self-expression, sympathy.

Wild flower is random petals that allows you to create more flowers where appears in your creativity, yet it’s not limit to any flower mentioned. So do others petals cutter too. Be #creative with #ecseries

Happy making #arts!

#supportlocal #localartist

*Tips*: For new user, please dust the cutter with cornstarch before your cut to have smoother output and avoid your soft clay sticking around. Your patience on secondary finishing is always required, as mold is not 100% perfect as it's not injection molded but 3D printed. Please consider it ~

SET: WILD FLOWER (3pcs cutters)

Size available: Measurement in width (mm)

Within 20mm

Within 25mm

Direction/ Guide:

1. Gentle make 1.0mm-2mm thickness of petals.
2. (Optional) Rounded the Petals with metal ball pen.
3. Stack them together within the centre point or edges of petals upon preference.

Cutters are designed to work with polymer clay and other types of handmade creation.To avoid stickiness of clay, dust little of the corn start in between the ring of cutters.

Plastic is hard, sharp edge makes distinct shapes.